-Our Mission-

Provide students access to affordable textbooks through a 5c marketplace.


NextDorm is a Claremont McKenna College initiave that seeks to give students access to a 5c used textbook marketplace where they can find all their required textbooks.

Frustrated by the expensive prices of textbooks at the Huntley Bookstore and the poor user interface of the 5C For Sale Page, we decided we would make a simple and user friendly website for students to search and secure textbooks from.

As we began to develop our idea for a student marketplace for textbooks, we realized that this resource was especially important to students without the financial means to purchase their required textbooks which is why we are especially excited about our partnership with CMC's Care Center to provide access to donated textbooks for free.

We piloted this partnership from the beginning of Spring 2018 to the beginning Spring 2019 with much success (> 280 books rented in Fall 2018). Now, we want to expend on our success with the Care Cener by allowing any 5c student to post their textbook for sale moving forward.

How It Works


It's simple! First go to our homepage and search for a book using either a title, author, or the book's isbn number. Then you can easily browse our selection and either buy books from other students or rent books out free of charge from the Care Center!


Sign up for an account. Start posting using our simple form. Then, wait for students to contact you and make money.


NextDorm is made possible by Biniyam Asnake (CMC' 20), Dean Vince Greer, and the Care Center.