-Our Mission-

Provide students access to affordable textbooks through a partnership with the Care Center.


NextDorm uses its technology to power the Care Center's Textbook Loan Program initiative that provides access to donated textbooks for free. The Program saves students time & money!

In 2018-2019, over 200 students used the Loan Program and rented a cumulative 548 textbooks. On average, we estimate students save $71 on each free rental, totalling over $38,000 in cumulative students savings.

How It Works

Students (CMC only!)

It's simple! First go to our homepage and search for a book using either a title, author, or the book's isbn number. If a match comes up that means the Care Center has it in their physical catalog. To rent the textbook, come into the Care Center and a fellow will help you find and rent the textbook.


NextDorm is made possible by Biniyam Asnake (CMC' 20), Dean Vince Greer, and the Care Center.