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*Disclaimer: This feature is in beta phase. Email delivery is not guranteed. For best results, please regularly check the website.


We use wildcard matching for title, author, and strict character matching for isbn. For example, if you set up an alert for "economics", you'll get email alerts for any books uploaded or returned that have the word "economics" in their title or author.

If you sign up for an alert for a book with that Isbn "123456789", you'll only get an email alert if a book with isbn enters our system.

Worried you'll get too many emails?

Don't sweat it. In each email we send we include an unsubscribe link so you can unsubscribe from that specific alert.


By submitting this form, you agree to receive an email when a new book matching your submission enters our system. The book may be a returned Care Center book now available for rent (which currently only CMC students may rent) or a book posted for sale by a 5C student.

As we expand to allowing students to sell textbooks on our website, this is a valuable way to receive automatic email alerts as soon as the book you want becomes available.